Good to see you

Except, of course, I can't. But you can see me. My knees, at least, who are contemplating what lies over the horizon. And the beach, close at hand. 

A lot like life. We know some stuff, while much is hidden. I'm interested in both: mystery and obviousness. That's reflected in this web site.

Which has to do with the Oregon writer/blogger/etc. variety of Brian Hines. There are others in the world. I'm this one, according to Wikipedia. (But if you owe money to a Brian Hines, and are looking for him, trust me -- I'm your guy.)

I've put this site up because it's nice to connect with other people. In cyberspace. In physical space. Wherever. Thanks for visiting.

It's a work in progress. Also like life. I'll be updating and adding pages as needed (and when the mood strikes me). 

Presently you can learn about my blogs, books, and Christmas letters.