I've become addicted to blogging. Almost every day I write a post for one of my blogs, HinesSight and Church of the Churchless -- usually alternating between them.

On HinesSight I write about whatever is on my mind at the moment. Politics. Vacationing. Home chores. TV watching. Whatever. The blog's tag line is "Brian and Laurel offer up a view of what's happening in their lives," but I do all the offering up, sometimes with the aid of my still camera and beloved Flip Video pocket camcorder.

On Church of the Churchless I focus on the big questions of life. Except when I'm drawn to ponder smaller ones. Religion turns me off. Truth-searching turns me on. So I write about the downside of religiosity and the upside of honest, humble, non-dogmatic delving into the mysteries of consciousness, existence, and ultimate reality.