I've written three books that have been published. A couple of other manuscripts are awaiting their debut on Amazon. And I've got ideas for more. From most to least recent...

"Return to the One" is a blend of philosophy and mysticism. It's a popular (meaning non-scholarly, not, sadly, best-selling) book about the teachings of Plotinus, a second century Greek who combined rationality and spirituality in a pleasingly unreligious fashion.

"Life is Fair" was published non-commercially in India. At the moment it is out of print, but should be able to be ordered fairly soon here. You can search for the book and see if its available. It presents a karmic rationale for vegetarianism in a modern style, using lots of cartoons. 

"God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder" also is out of print, since the publisher went out of business. Used copies are available though. I describe how the new physics and old mystics relate, using Rumi as an exemplar of a "spiritual scientist." I've rewritten the book to make it shorter and simpler. That version is what I plan to publish in 2009.

What's next? I have a strong urge to write a book about death. Mainly because sometimes the notion of dying scares me to death. Turning sixty helped to turn my attention more toward mortality. Each of us will have to face it, but when you're younger you can look the other way. 

I've thought a lot about death. It used to bother me more than it does now. I want to share some ideas about how to approach The End without letting it lessen our enjoyment of the preceding chapters in our book of life.